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National Pilot School of Software was founded in 2000. Regarding moral education and cultivating people as its fundamental task, our school intends to cultivate high-quality software engineering professionals and leading talents, oriented to the major strategic needs of the country, the main battlefield of the national economy and the frontier technology.

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Our school has the first-level discipline with Ph.D. authorization on software engineering. It ranked 7th in the 2012 China Discipline Ranking, and A- in 2016. It has been selected into the double first-class computer discipline construction group. The main research fields are service computing, intelligent software engineering, embedded system, domain software engineering, etc. The achievements have been widely used in modern service industry, aerospace and national defense, intelligent education and so on, and have accumulated a high social reputation.

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The software engineering major passed the professional certification of engineering education in 2017, was approved as a national first-class major in 2019, and was selected into the excellent engineer training program. It advocates international education and has established cooperative relations with more than 10 universities in the United States, France, Ireland, Sweden, Italy, Japan, etc. MSE+X, a double master degree program, has been implemented for 15 years, and nearly 300 Chinese and foreign graduate students have been trained. Our school has established practice bases with hundreds of IT enterprises, carried out project-based learning, innovation and entrepreneurship practice, practical training and internship, and formed cooperation in production and education. The quality of graduates has been highly recognized by enterprises. The characteristic of industry-oriented is distinctive.

The leader of discipline and major is Professor Xiaofei Xu, who is the vice president of HIT, the deputy director of the China National Software Engineering Education Supervisory Committee, and leader of the expert group of University-Industry Collaborative Education. Our school also has two Renowned Teachers of Heilongjiang Province, Dechen Zhan and Xiaohong Su, and a large number of young excellent teachers. Online 1 + M + N collaborative teaching mode based on MOOC + SPOC has won the first prize of National Teaching Achievements.

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