Professor LU Rong of Chinese PLA General Hospital visited the Cross-science forum and shared “Theory and Application of Intelligent Surgery”


HIT NEWS(ZHANG Yifang/text, XI Ran/photo) On August 24th ,Professor LIU Rong, director of Clinical Department of hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery of Chinese PLA General Hospital (301) visited the interdisciplinary science forum of our university and gave an academic report entitled "Theory and Application of Intelligent Surgery" for teachers and students in Room 204, Yifu Building. Vice President Cao Xibin attended thisreport meeting.

Cao Xibin said that the medical-engineering cross is one of the important interdisciplinary development directions in our university. Professor LIU Rong's visit is of great significance to promote the medical-engineering crossin the field of intelligent surgery in our university. It is hoped that relevant disciplines can achieve complementary advantages through cross integration, and achieve greater breakthroughs in the field of intelligent medicine, especially in the field of intelligent surgery, so as to make positive contributions to responding to the national requirements for the development of key technologies and promoting cross cooperation between medical and industrial research.

LIU Rong is one of the leading figureswith international influence in hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery. He is the first person in exploring the application of artificial intelligence in the medical field andhas overcome a series of technical bottlenecks in minimally invasive surgery. He established a complete laparoscopic and robotic system for hepatobiliary and pancreatic surgery and the world's largest hepatobiliary pancreatic robotic surgery center. In his report, he pointed out that the emergence of intelligent surgery was rooted in the third industrial revolution and the development of information technology. The development of intelligent medicine can only be realized gradually through the deeper cooperation between engineering and medicine. The achievement of the navigation function in surgical operation through engineering, the accuracyimprovement of diagnosis through image data processing, and the calculation and analysis of the surgical scheme via big datacases, these directions are the cooperation needs of medical practice for engineering technology. After the report meeting, LIU Rong and relevant experts conducted in-depth discussion on medical engineering cooperation in the field of intelligent surgery.

SHEN Yi, Principal Assistant of our university attended the meeting. The experts from HEILONGJIANG PROVINCIAL HOSPITAL Affiliated to Harbin Institute of technology and HARBINTHE FIEST HOSPITALaffiliated to Harbin Institute of technology, as well as the teachers and students of Control, Electromechanical, Biological, Mechanical, Micro-nano and other disciplines of our university attended the meeting, and had a discussion after the meeting.