The students of HIT won great achievements in “China Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition(Innovation)” in 2020


The“China Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition(Innovation)” was held online from July to December 2020. Five teams selected by the School of Physics of HIT won two first prizes, one each of the second, third and excellent prizes; the faculty of the School of Physics won the Outstanding Instructor Award; and HIT won the Outstanding Organization Award.

The“China Undergraduate Physics Experiment Competition(Innovation)”is a physics discipline competition for university students nationwide, which is divided into three categories, namely "innovative works in the category of proposition", "innovative works of optional subjects" and "university student physics experiment lecture competition". The competition aims to further stimulate students’ interest in physical experiment and potential, cultivating college students' innovative ability, practical ability and team cooperation consciousness. Held for the first time in 2020, the competition attracted 1,408 teams from 410 universities across the country.The competition was divided into two stages, the preliminary round and the final round, both of which were held online.

In the "innovative works in the category of proposition", the works of "Radio Energy Transmission" designed by five undergraduate juniors and "Design and Manufacture of a Temperature-changing device supporting physical experiments" designed by five undergraduate juniors won the first prize; "Diffusion Coefficient Measurement", designed by three sophomores, won the award of excellence; in the "innovative work of optional subject", the work of "Integrated Experimental System of Light Diffraction" designed by three undergraduate juniors won the second prize; "Research on the Sound Principle of 'Bellows' Based on Mobile Phones", designed by three sophomores, won the third prize.