The first International High-level Forum on High-end Measuring Instruments and the 11th International Conference on Precision Engineering Surveying and Instrumentation held


Harbin Institute of Technology News (Article/Photo by Hu Pengcheng and Zheng Tingting)

Recently, the first International High-level Forum on High-end measuring Instruments and the 11th International Conference on Precision Engineering Surveying and Instrumentation(IFMI & ISPEMI 2020) was held in Beijing.

Tan Jiubin, director of Institute of Precision Instrument Engineering, Harbin Institute of Technology, served as the president of the conference and presided over the meeting.The conference was co-hosted by The Chinese Academy of Engineering and the International Committee on Measurement and Instrumentation (ICMI), co-organized by the Information and Electronic Engineering Department of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, China Instrumentation Society, China Metrology And Testing Society and Harbin Institute of Technology, and co-organized by Beijing University of Information Science and Technology.More than 180 international academic masters and world top scientists from 12 countries and regions including the UK, the US, Germany, Canada, Japan, Switzerland, The Netherlands, Russia and China attended the conference through a combination of online and offline activities.At the same time, the conference was streamed live on the live broadcast platform, with more than 3200 people watching it online in real time.This meeting is divided into three parts: the report of the main forum, the discussion of the sub-forum and the round-table forum.Eight international famous experts and scholars from Chinese Academy of Metrology, the international federation of measurement technology (IMEKO), the university of California institute of technology, university of London, the German federal physical technology research institute (PTB), the university of Michigan, Lanzhou institute of space physics, The University of Electro-Communications and other research institutes of made the main conference on BBS special report.Forty experts from Max Planck Institute of Biochemistry, Nottingham University, Metrology Institute of Netherlands, Morici Institute of the United States and other countries delivered sub-forum reports.

The roundtable forum was hosted by Academician Tan Jiubin.More than 100 famous scientists, technical experts and entrepreneurs from Tsinghua University, Chinese Academy of Sciences and other research institutes in the field of instrument science and engineering jointly discussed and exchanged the frontier issues, major development trends and challenges, latest breakthroughs, application needs and industrial development strategies in the field of international instruments.The participants had a thorough discussion on the prominent problems facing China's instrument field, the policy support that is urgently needed, and the future development strategy.In addition, the participants had in-depth discussions on future instrument scientific research, common core technology, innovation chain and industrial chain construction, effective connection between instrument industry and background industry demand, instrument industry ecological environment construction, macro development strategy and other issues.